CME Requirements

  • Verification of a minimum of 40 hours of approved (category 1A or its allopathic equivalent – live/face-to-face hours. No home study/webinars will be accepted.) AOA continuing medical education (CME) credits in the diagnosis and/or treatment of pain within the 24-months immediately preceding the application deadline date for that examination year. The Board or committee has discretionary authority to evaluate CME on a case by case basis and is sole and final judge of whether and to what extent the CME satisfies the requirements of the clinical pathway.
  1. The applicant shall be responsible for submitting confirmation of the topics covered in the lectures used for CME credits at the time the application is submitted (e.g. syllabus, course outlines, brochures, etc.)
  2. “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” CME credits will comprise no more than 2 hours of the 40 total and may include training in acupuncture, nutriceuticals and prolotherapy. Any CME credits for other forms of complementary or alternative medicine must be submitted to the Conjoint Examination Committee for approval.
  3. Up to 5 hours of the 40 total may be in the field of addiction medicine.
  4. The following is a guideline to assist the applicant in determining if and how many hours are appropriate:
  5. Any seminar or symposium that specifically addresses pain (the medical or interventional aspects) or osteopathic diagnosis and/or treatment in the title of the seminar should be appropriate in their entirety. This excludes non-accredited lectures that are industry funded and not part of the approved CME’s for that activity.
  6. Any seminar that does not specifically address the aforementioned in the title may have applicable hours if the lecture title itself does specify the diagnosis and/or treatment of pain (medical or interventional) or painful conditions, this includes osteopathic somatic dysfunction.
  • If a seminar or lecture does not directly specify the aforementioned in the title it may be applicable, however the total applicable hours will be limited to 10 of the total 40 hours at the discretion of the participating board or committee (this does not include and is in addition to the 5 hours allowed for addiction medicine).