Examination Details

  • Dates/Location


    The CAQ examination in Pain Medicine will be offered at a time and site as determined by the Committee, but no less than once every two years.

  • Fees/Deadlines


    A non-refundable application fee of $100. The examination fee will be $1200, which must be submitted no later than September 1, 2017. For applications that are withdrawn less than 30-days prior to the examination date, the candidate will receive a $900 refund, greater than 30-days will receive a $1200 refund.

  • Administration of the Examination


    The 2013 American Osteopathic Conjoint Pain Medicine CAQ Examination is a paper-and-pencil examination administered annually. The examination consists of 200 four-option multiple-choice questions which are scored and 25 additional questions which are pretest questions and do not count toward a candidate’s score. The 25 pretest questions are imbedded in the examination and it is not possible for a candidate to discern the difference between a scoreable and a pretest question. Any question can contain tables and visual stimuli. Five hours have been allocated for the administration of the examination. Test questions are scored as right or wrong and all scored questions count equally. A criterion-referenced passing standard will be set and used to determine if candidates pass or fail. The passing standard is held constant over repeated examination administrations. The method helps to ensure that a candidate’s pass/fail status is based on what the candidate knows and can demonstrate on the examination and not other candidates testing at the same time. Secure procedures are used to administer the examination. All examinations are proctored. Candidates requiring accommodations should contact the American Osteopathic Association, division of Certifying Board Services. Additionally, candidates should access the AOA Pain Medicine web site at aoepm.org for the most recent information about the examination.

  • Preparation


    No specific recommendation regarding study methods or review courses may be made. However, the detailed exam table of specification is available, extensive self-study of Pain Medicine in texts and journals and participation in continuing medical education programs and review courses in Pain Medicine should be useful.

  • Results


    Candidates will be informed of the results of the examination within 90 days following the examination date. Successful candidates will receive a certificate for Certification of Added Qualifications in Pain Medicine notating an expiration date of ten years thereafter. The certificate will be awarded after the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists gives final approval of the exam process for each candidate. This approval process may take about six months following the notification of successful completion of the examination. The answer sheets of candidates will be destroyed three years after administration.

  • Re-examination


    Candidates may reapply for the next scheduled examination upon submitting a letter of intent, updated application information and the re-examination fee which will be forthcoming. The overall CME hours and those specifically in Pain Medicine that are required when you re-apply will be pro-rated based on the number of years post-fellowship training.

Categories Percentage of Test Questions
I. Comprehensive Osteopathic Assessment of Pain 23-27% 
II. Osteopathic Manipulation 3-7% 
II. Therapeutic Measures /Modalities 28-32% 
IV. Regional Pain 20-24%  
V. Diffuse Pain Syndromes 5-9% 
VI. Special Populations 9-13% 

View and Print Table of Specifications here